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Special Educational Needs Teachers

Special Education

Nick Houghton

e-mail: nick.houghton@edu.stockholm.se

Telephone: 076-12 44 818

Anna Letizia Calabrese

e-mail: anna-letizia.calabrese@edu.stockholm.se

Telephone: 076-12 44 819

Nick Houghton and Anna-Letizia Calabrese work as Special Educational Needs Teachers for the English section of Rödabergsskolan.
Anna-Letizia works with classes 1en to 6en and Nick works with the English and bilingual classes in years 7 to 9.
Our role
We work closely with class and subject teachers in the English section of Rödabergsskolan with an aim to help all students who, for whatever reason, find academic or social aspects of their school life challenging. As SEN teachers, our main focus is to facilitate the provision of educational, social and emotional support in order to help every student achieve the curriculum goals in their subjects.

How we work
We provide special educational support according to the needs of the student. This may mean working one-to-one with a student, working with a small group of students or working alongside class and subject teachers in their classrooms during normal scheduled lessons. We regularly meet our colleagues in conferences to discuss the needs of our students, plan interventions and evaluate progress. We can test our students, using screening programmes, to help us pinpoint an area of difficulty that may be challenging to the student (E.g. working memory, reading and writing difficulties).  We are members of the school’s “Student Health Care Team” with our colleagues the Deputy Principals, Student Counsellor, School Nurse and Further Education and Caree