Stockholm City's web-based tool for cooperation between pupils, parents and school is called Stockholm's Skolwebb.

Students log on at home with the same username and password they use for the school computers and can stay informed of both planning and completion of assignments given by the teacher. The pupils can also access their school documents and files via Stockholm's Skolwebb.

Students access their e-mail from:

For parents to access Skolwebb, they need to acquire a Certificate or Bank ID through their internet bank, which confirms that they are the guardian of the pupil. A Swedish *person number* is required. Stepparents do not have access. Please refer to the Support link for more information. Test your BankID here >>

Parents are able to register child absence, book times for parent-teacher meetings and access information prior to their student development talk.

If a Certificate/Bank ID is not acquired, your child's reports can still be read if you ask your child to log in to Skolwebb using their school username and password. Other functions for parents, however, will not be available.