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School Restaurant

The school restaurant is run by Sodexo Mashie and the food is cooked in the school's own kitchen

The kitchen has three experienced chefs:

Theodora Savvaki  is responsible for the daily operations and ​Nubia is responsible for special diets such as gluten or lactose-free food. Francisco manages and prepares the main food of the day.

Amal and Nagam prepare the salad buffet and make sure the supply of food runs smoothly in the restaurant. Guillermo takes care of the dishes but helps in the kitchen when needed.

Each day, about 2400 servings are prepared in the kitchen at Rödabergsskolan, as we supply the school restaurants of Little Adolf Fredrik School and Adolf Fredrik's Music Classes.

We cook most things from scratch using fresh or frozen ingredients, but some items such as pancakes, meatballs and fishfingers, we buy ready-prepared.


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