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The School Counsellor

Main Functions

Veronica Rapp is in school Monday to Friday, room A419

Telephone: 076-12 44 809
e-mail: veronica.rapp@edu.stockholm.se


As School Counsellor, one of my main functions is to work with all social aspects relating to young peoples lives. This can mean anything from working in class, solving conflicts, group work, co-ordinating projects with other professionals to individual talks with students. I work in a number of ways to help prevent problems, and also provide support when difficulties arise.

A student in difficulty indicates a need for adults to take more responsibility. A student's most important adults are their parents and teachers. Together with parents, students and others around us, I work to find solutions to different problems, and to build students' self-esteem. A trustful relationship between home and school is one of the keys for successful social development.

When someone comes to me with a problem, I will, together with that person, contact those I believe are important to help and work for a positive solution.

You can turn to me for help and support if you have difficulties concerning e.g. friends, personal matters, bullying, school work, general life issues, family, sexuality and drugs.

No question is too small or unimportant!


Veronica Rapp