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A Safe and Sustainable School

School equality as a matter of course

The City of Stockholm has a range of projects targeting the right of all students to an equal education. Boys and girls must have the same conditions in which to develop, learn and enjoy themselves in their municipal school. Pedagog Stockholm and the blog Jämställd undervisning are meeting places where you as a student or parent/guardian can read more about equality.

Zero tolerance towards violence and bullying

Safety is a right and the City of Stockholm’s schools apply a zero tolerance approach towards victimisation in such forms as discrimination and bullying. Students and adults must feel safe and be able to work in peace and quiet in school. The City’s schools therefore have guidelines for safety, security and a calm study environment, outlining what rules apply and how the school can handle various situations. All schools must also have an equal opportunities plan. This is a continual process, with the City’s student surveys showing that enjoyment, safety and security are rising in our schools.

Sustainable school environment and development

The City of Stockholm works on the premise that students and school staff can contribute to a sustainable living environment. Activities in this area include the schools’ educational work to raise awareness among staff and students when it comes to energy consumption. Examples include increasing the proportion of organic food and sorting food waste, which can then be used to produce biogas, and so on.