Reporting Absence

There is a dedicated attendance telephone line to notify school of student absences. Parents/carers should call each day of absence and state clearly the child's name and class.

Student absence should be noted on Skolplattform if possible or on telephone number 08-508 44 800 by 7:30 at the latest. State clearly the child's name and class, preferably twice.

You can also report absence from your smartphone using the App

Cause of Absence
Reported absence is recorded as "Authorised absence".
Absence not reported by parents is recorded as "Absenteeism".
Late arrival without previous notification is recorded as "Unauthorised absence".

Monitor Absence in Skolwebb
Parents can check recorded absence in Skolwebb.
If parents want to change a registered absenteeism to an authorised absence, they should contact the child's mentor/teacher.

Other routines
The mentor/teacher ensures that parents are aware of absence as soon as possible. From the 2nd September parents will receive an sms/mail automatically when absenteeism is recorded.

Leave of Absence
Our position is that school is important. Therefore, we do not grant leave for pupils without special reason. Please refer to our policy document.