Peter Lundström

Principal: Peter Lundström


Telephone: 08-508 44 800

"Our school is small enough to care for and pay attention to all the students as individuals but big enough to offer the necessary resources for an exceptional education."

Anna Kuylenstierna
Vice-Principal: Anna Kuylenstierna


Telephone: 08-508 44 802

Anna is responsible for the English classes - years 1 to 9 and the bilingual classes - years 7 to 9.

Malin Levelius

Vice-Principal: Malin Levelius


Telephone: 08-508 44 803

Malin is responsible for the Swedish classes - years preschool to 9 and for Afternoon Care (Fritids) years 1 to 3 (Eng & Swe). She is also responsible for the English Club (Klubben) for years 4 to 6.

School Superindendent: Kristin Gustafsson


Telephone: 08-508 44 801

Kristin is responsible for finance and site management.