The Office

Rödabergsskolan's secretary, Doris Rehnström, is probably the first person you will meet on arrival at the school office. Part of her work is to register new students and update address and telephone lists; so it is important that any changes are communicated to her.

If you have any questions about the school you are welcome to ring telephone 08-508 44 800 or come into the office personally. You can also send an e-mail to

The Office is open everyday between 07:30 and 16:00 but closed for lunch between 12:00 and 13:00.

Student absence should be notified through Skolplattform if possible or on telephone number 08-508 44 800 no later than 7:30. State the child's name and class clearly, preferably twice.

Staff absence should be notified on telephone number 08-508 44 800 before 07:30. The telephone answering machine is listened to at 07:30 so that we can contact substitute teachers.

Administration Manager

Anna Ribbing


Telephone: 08-508 44 801

Anna is responsible for finance and site management.