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The platform is a common digital platform for Stockholm's kindergartens and schools. School platform gives you information about your child's school directly to your cell phone, laptop or tablet.

What is the School platform?

  • School platform contains information about your child's schooling . The amount of information will be filled gradually. School Platform replaces the Skolwebb.
  • The platform's start page publishes news about the things happening at school , such as excursions.
  • Via the start page, you can also report your child's absence directly in school platform.
  • Your child will also have access to school platform, with the ability to access information relating to their schooling. Over time, your child will also get access to new digital tools in the educational platform, for example, to submit school asignments.
  • School platform will be continuously developed and more functionality will be added later.

Register / Update your details on "Min sidor"

You need to first register your contact info in order to access Stockholm stads E-services, such as School platform. Please update if you have a new telephone number or email.

Registera here: grundskola.stockholm/e-tjanster

Guide: https://supportguider.stockholm.se/2484.guide

How do I log in?

School platform can be used with both tablets, smart phones and computers. You log on to the home page via skolplattformen.stockholm.se/vardnadshavare

To meet the city's high safety requirements, you as guardians sign in using the e-ID (such as BankID). 

Information on how to obtain BankID (another site)

Log in help for students and guardians

How do I report absence in school platform?

Introduction film to notify absences

Press CC to get English/Arabic text.

Information about the App for reporting absence

Where can I find more information?

Introduction films School Platform Press CC to get English/Arabic text.


You can also read more on stockholm.se/skolplattformen

Skolplattformen i grundskolan

Support for guardians/parents

Support you can contact in case of technical problems.

Tel: 08-508 11 552
E-mail address: e-support@stockholm.se

The above information for printing (.pdf)

School platform App

Link to download app