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Nordic CRAFT

Nordic CRAFT (Creating Really Advanced Further thinkers) competition

Our grade 7 participated in Nordic CRAFT (Creating Really Advanced Further thinkers) competition where they worked together with students from other nordic countries on sustainability. The students worked together, researched about a local problem (the amount of food we throw every day) and their solution to that can help minimise it. They were given access to resources so that they can improve their innovation processes and learn how to research, present and collaborate as well as how to use and create technology as a supporting element. Our school won the competition and an opportunity to present at BETT 2020. Two students Leonie Monperrus and Aster Tekla got the opportunity to go to London and  present the project. The girls presented their project in front of more than 800 people in The BETT arena along with students from other Nordic countries. The project was sponsored by Skolverket and Swedish NSS eTwinning.