Expansion of Rödabergsskolan

The school will grow from the present 660 students to just over a 1000

The planning process is progressing, and the original schedule has been revised a few times. On May 18, 2016 the City Planning department adopted the proposed plan for the expansion and extension of school premises. The plans have been appealed and rejected by the Land and Environment Court. In the  next instance, the Land and Environmental Court did not grant leave to appeal the plans (decision 2017-03-10). This decision can not be appealed. This means that the latest plan to start construction in the Fall semester 2018 is still valid. Students will not be evacuated. Röda Orm will be demolished and years 1 to 6 will move to the A-building. Years 7-9 with have a few classes in the A-building and the remainder in a pavilion.