The Principal's Newsletter June 2016

The school year will soon come to an end and I would like to give you some information about coming activities.
End of term Ceremony this year we will, as previously announced, have two Ceremonies. It is for security reasons.  Our school grows so there is not room for all of us in the light hall. 
Therefore the End of term Ceremony for grade 1-6 starts at 8:30 in the light hall Thursday, June 9.  After that you will gather in your classroom. For grades 7-9 the Ceremony starts at 9.30.  Since there will be a lot of people we ask all parents and relatives to stand on the balconies.  I hope that we all can help out being as quiet as possible and remember to turn cell phones off, because the acoustics in the light hall is difficult.  

Staff Next year´s schedule is almost completed and I hope that you and your children have been informed by your class teacher/mentor if there will be any changes in staff next year. If you need more information, please contact the school administration, phone 508 44 800. 


Autumn Term 2016

Planning days when school and ”fritids”  are closed: Thursday and Friday August 11 and 12.

Beginning of school year 16-17: Thursday August 18.  Roll call:  9 am. Grade 1-3 10 am. Grade 4-6.  11 am. Grade 7-9 

Autumn holiday October 31– November 4 (week 44)

End of term: Friday December 21

Spring Term 2017

First school day: Tuesday, January 10th. - Study Day Monday, January 9th. 

Winter holidays (Week 9): February 27 to March 3

Easter holidays: (week 15): April 10 to April 14

Public holiday May 26

The school year ends: Friday, June 9 

Leave of absence will not be accepted during periods with National tests or when students are preparing for National tests. You can find the dates for the national tests for grades 3, 6 and 9 at: 
Missing your children´s clothes? Maybe you will find them if you look in the basement, next to the corridor to the gym hall. After the end of term ceremony we will donate all the clothes. Mia Sjöström, who is a parent at the school, has for many years sorted, washed and taken responsibility for this. A very good initiative that we are thankful for!  

Thank you all! To all students who work hard and contribute to the good atmosphere in the school. To all parents who support their children and the school and contribute with constructive criticism. To all parent representatives for your whole-hearted commitment during the school year.   
Wishing you all a relaxing and sunny summer. 


Best regards,

Peter Lundström