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10 Monkeys

What is 10 Monkeys Math World?

10 Monkeys Math World is a fun exercise tool for mathematics starting from basic knowledge and is primarily targeted at grades 1-4 and special education.

10 Monkeys Math World can be used as a teaching tool with the support of an interactive whiteboard, but is specifically designed to serve as a training tool for the student, both in school and at home.

Using the exercise tool gives teachers valuable information about students' basic mathematical skills and provides opportunities for individual instruction.

Students who used 10 Monkeys perceived the program as motivational through instant feedback on their success in mathematics.

Go to 10 Monkeys Maths World > click on the English flag after login. Your teacher has the password.

10 Monkeys was developed by Lisen Häggblom as Doctor of Education, and she has worked as a lecturer in mathematics and in teacher education at Åbo Academy in Finland. She has conducted research into students' knowledge of mathematics, taught teachers and is the author of numerous textbooks.