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Special Events and Traditions

We think it is important to have traditions in school. Each school has its own special events or traditions. Sometimes it involves all classes from F-9! As on UN-Day, it looks like a sea of ​​people down in the light hall. Another time it might be a song assembly F-3 or an airplane contest F-6 or just a lazy day at the Haga Park!

You can read more about our traditions below written by our students!

Paper Plane Competition: Rödaberg School has a tradition when you throw paper airplanes. 1st grade to 6th grade can compete.  1st to 3rd grade compete against each other and 4th to 6th grade compete at each other. The person who throws the furthest wins. Normally the price is a chocolate bar or a model airplane.

UN-Day: Having around 600 pupils that come from 75 different countries we celebrate United Nations Day, by joining all the pupils together and having a show! We have a big celebration in which many pupils around the whole school join and perform a performance from their own home country. We are listening to the Convention on the Rights of the Child in many different languages. We celebrate United Nations Day the actual day (24/10) IF it's not a Saturday or Sunday. At last we have a flag parade showing our 75 different countries around the world!    

Lucia: Santa Lucia is a tradition from Italy. We choose one girl to become the Lucia, dressed in white and having candles on her head. The rest of the girls are terns. The boys are dressed into something likely to a wizard or Santa. Some can be Christmas elves too. This is a tradition on 13th December and we celebrate it in the light hall.

Christmas End of Term: On the last day of term, the school gathers in the light hall and up on the balconies. We all sing and light candles then Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer comes together with Santa down the aisle. At the end we sing more Christmas songs!

Playback Show: Playback show is a tradition in this school. It began around the year 1990. It is for the kids in 1st to 6th grade. In the playback show you are supposed to mime to a song of your own choice in front of the school on the stage in the main hall. The students can dance solo or in a group. Parents are welcome to watch and all the students enjoy playback show very much.

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