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Mother Tongue Tuition

In the City of Stockholm, all students are entitled to study their mother tongue for nine years in compulsory school. This applies to students who have basic knowledge of their mother tongue and who speak the language at home.

Students attending preschool class are entitled to mother tongue tuition in their own preschool class group or together with students in Years 1-3 studying the mother tongue as an extracurricular activity.

Research shows that students who receive tuition in their mother tongue do better at school and often become better at Swedish. Almost 40 percent of students in City of Stockholm compulsory schools have a mother tongue other than Swedish.


If you have recently arrived in Sweden and do not speak enough of the language to follow the teaching in Swedish, you can receive tutoring. This involves having the teaching explained in your mother tongue.

Minority languages

Finnish, Yiddish, Meänkieli, Romani and Sami are designated national minority languages. A school is obliged to offer tuition in these languages even if only one student wishes to study the language. For minority languages, there is no requirement that the student must speak the language at home in order to receive tuition in that language.

Read more: http://www.stockholm.se/ForskolaSkola/Grundskola/Modersmalsundervisning1/