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Management Team

Principal: Anna Bergman

e-mail: anna.5.bergman@edu.stockholm.se

Telephone: 08-508 44 800


Anna Kuylenstierna
Vice-Principal: Anna Kuylenstierna

e-mail: anna.kuylenstierna@edu.stockholm.se

Telephone: 08-508 44 800

Anna is responsible for the English and Swedish classes - years 7 to 9.

Vice-Principal: Maria Källviks

e-mail: maria.kallviks@edu.stockholm.se

Telephone: 08-508 44 800

Maria is responsible for the Swedish and English classes - years F-6.

Vice-Principal: Marianne Wennerhag

e-mail: marianne.wennerhag@edu.stockholm.se

Telephone: 08-508 44 800

Marianne Wennerhag is responsible for Fritids/Klubben and the new building project.

Administration Manager: Anna Ribbing

e-mail: anna.ribbing@edu.stockholm.se

Telephone: 08-508 44 800

Anna is responsible for finance and site management.