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The Library

In accordance with Sweden's national curriculum, Rödaberg's library functions as a research centre for both students and staff, as well as the more traditional reading room.

The library's 4000+ Swedish and English titles are supplemented by a growing collection of magazines, newspapers, cassettes, videos.

Twelve computers, connected to the Internet, allow students to reach beyond the library's own resources and to access files and print. The library is open daily and is staffed by a library assistant who is helped by student librarians from grades 4-9 and a group of teachers. Each student and staff member is issued a borrowing card.

The library's collection is catalogued under Book-IT, a computer programme developed especially for school libraries. Book-IT also handles the borrowing of books and materials and allows students to search for specific titles, authors and subjects.
Student work is regularly displayed in the library. The library group also sponsors book weeks, visits by authors, book fairs, displays and other activities to promote reading and other language arts.

Sanna is responsible for the library and can advise on authors, books etc.

Abraham is the librarian.