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History of the School

Rödabergsskolan was opened on August 20, 1953 under the name of Vasastadens Kommunala Flickskola, a school only for girls. The architect was indeed a very experienced man - Paul Hedquist - who was the father of twenty schools in Stockholm; for example, Gärdesskolan, Fridhemsskolan and Bromma Gymnasium.

In the description of this house from that time, we can read: "The school is located in a high and open place with a beautiful view over Haga Park and Brunnsviken."

The building cost 3,5 million kronor and the interior decoration, furniture and teaching material cost another 464,000 kronor.

Originally there were 21 classrooms. Every class consisted of 35-40 girls between the ages of 13 and 18.

In 1968 the girls' school was closed down and a comprehensive school for years 1 to 6 was opened that belonged to Matteusskolan. At the same time it got the present name Rödabergsskolan.

The school was used only for a few years and then turned into offices for the Central School Board of Stockholm.

But in 1984 the school was reopened and at the same time started the new era leading up to what Rödabergsskolan is today. Three international classes were then transferred here from Matteus.

In 1991 it was separated from Matteus and got its own principal. Two years later the smaller extension Röde Orm was finished as well as the gym that had been planned 40 years earlier!

Today, Rödabergsskolan is a well established school with an English-speaking profile and with a good reputation all over Stockholm and its surroundings. It is a school that we can and should be very proud of!