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Career and Study Guidance

My name is Jasmine and I am the Study and Career counsellor here at Rödabergsskolan.

My main task is to be available to students whenever they want to talk about their future and their thoughts about studies and working life. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!

Telephone: 076-12 44 810

Email: jasmine.bohlin@edu.stockholm.se


Gymasium Information on the school's YouTube channel

Year 8 PRAO

Now in year eight, you should have gone out on PRAO (internship). Praon is there for you to gain knowledge about working life and the labour market. Unfortunately, the situation with the pandemic has forced us to cancel the physical prao on a workplace and you will instead be working with prao in school. In groups of 2-4 you will learn more about an industry and choose a profession within that industry.


The purpose of the project

Gain experience and knowledge about working life – practical or theoretical – conditions, responsibilities, and requirements, etc.

See your strengths, abilities, and interests.

See if your own reflections on working life are in line with reality.

Gain increased awareness of gender, status, and social/cultural roles and how these affect the labour market and high school choices


Year 9   High school application and opportunities for individual meetings with Jasmine.


High school (Gymnasia)

There are eighteen national programs in gymnasia, six of which are college preparatory and twelve of which are professional programs leading to a profession. To qualify for a college preparatory program, it is necessary to have a pass grade in twelve subjects. To be eligible for a professional program requires a pass grade in eight subjects. For both type of programs, it is required to pass the subjects: Mathematics, English and Swedish with at least an E as a grade. The International Baccalaureate program (IB) do not require a grade in Swedish.


Students make their first application via the internet already in January / February. The first round of applications is a preliminary application mostly for the students to learn how it’s done and to get an invitation to the schools that require entrance tests to get into their school. In April / May it’s time for the 2nd round of application and this application is the most important one because this application is the final one.

The range of upper secondary schools with different programs and specializations is very large. It is difficult for students to make such an important choice without information and support. During the autumn Term, I offer individual meetings with each student so that we together can discuss their high school application, their future, and details such as schools, programs, tests, admission scores and future professions.


For curious students and parents, I recommend the https://gymnasieantagningen.storsthlm.se/ website. Here you find answers to most questions you may have about high school application. You can also see statistics from previous admissions.

You apply for the high school on this website: https://www.indra.storsthlm.se/#!

All important dates for applying to high school can be found here: https://gymnasieantagningen.storsthlm.se/viktiga-datum/