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Attending Municipal Compulsory School in the City of Stockholm

Learning takes centre stage at the City of Stockholm’s schools. Developing our teachers and their teaching methods remains a constant focus. The aim of everything we do in the educational sphere is to improve students’ knowledge and opportunities to achieve their objectives. We have a number of systems in place to track and monitor your child’s progress across all subjects from preschool class to Year 9.

The City of Stockholm has around 78,400 children in preschool class and compulsory school. Around 77 percent of compulsory school students attend a municipal school. Approximately half of all compulsory school students choose a school other than the one nearest to home.

Find out more about the school system in Stockholm at www.stockholm.se

Room for all

Every child who lives in the City of Stockholm is entitled to a place at one of the City’s municipal schools. The municipal compulsory schools admit students based on the provisions of the Schools Act and the selection criteria set by the City of Stockholm’s elected officials.

The City will try to provide your first choice. If a school receives more applicants than it has space for, the selection criteria will determine who will be awarded the places. These criteria may relate to issues such as special needs, proximity to the school and whether a sibling already attends the school. Find out more about school admissions here: