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After School Club years 4 to 6

The After School Club (Klubben) is an afternoon service provided for Swedish and English students in years 4 to 6. We are open from the end of lessons to 17:00 each weekday.

We speak either English or Swedish with your child as he or she prefers.

950 kr/term
You will invoiced per month.


You cannot cancel your place during the term.

"Mellis" (light meal) is considered by our members as something to look forward to during the day. It is a time for a relaxing and soothing opportunity to sit down with your friends and chat.
We here at the Club believe that "mellis" is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and we strive to make our food as natural and sugar free as possible.
For example, a smoothie made of natural yoghurt and berries is a popular choice and a favorite with our members. We also have hard bread and toppings available every day.

Activities and Social Environment
Here at the Club we are constantly working for a positive and active environment that contributes to a healthy lifestyle. We have field trips as often so possible and try to be in the gym more or less every day.

We believe that daily routines are very important in creating a safe, happy and enjoyable place for the children and ourselves. Seeing and greeting each child every day is something that is highly valued by us and is considered very important.

The computer, music and sewing rooms are all at our disposal. We also have two rooms of our own where you students can do homework, read books, play board games or Wii and sometimes watch a movie.