Academic school year 2019/2020

Grades 1, 2 and 3 classes are full.

The ordinary application period

The ordinary application period is January 15th - February 15th for the following academic year which begins in August.

How to apply outside the ordinary application period

The application period for a requested school start on 9th January 2020 is October 1st through 18th with notification October 31st.

Please note! If there are any class vacancies at other times of the year we will publish that information here.

Important information before you apply

  • You can apply without a full personal number but you need to provide us with an address.
  • You need to make a separate application for each child.
  • We can admit children born at the earliest in 2013 (grade1).
  • We do not hold waiting lists since we are a municipal school.
  • We receive a huge amount of applications and feedback is delayed when applications are incomplete or invalid.
  • If you stay/or plan to stay in Sweden permanently or for a longer period of time, you need to look for another alternative.
  • We only have a few vacant spots to offer in each grade.
  • Please make sure you meet the admission criteria as stated below.
  • Complete steps one and two.

Application - Step 1

Please fill in the Application Form (pdf): Removed 21st October.

Send it together with supporting information (work contract, child's level of English, etc) as one Zip file (preferred) to: Removed 21st October.


Please note! Save your email – you will not receive a special confirmation from the school.

Required documents:

  1. Employment contract or a letter from your employer stating your starting date and ending date in Sweden.
  2. Document stating your Swedish address and a contract.
  3. Your child`s arrival date – document from Skattemyndigheten.
  4. School reports showing the child's knowledge of English.
  5. Diplomats/employees in foreign positions must attach a digital copy of their ID card from the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (UD).

If you cannot send these documents digitally (one Zip file preferred), please post the paper copies to the school.


Application - Step 2

Please fill in the online application:

Removed 21st October.

After you submit your application it will be reviewed but no confirmation will be issued. Please wait for the Notification period.

Do not email to ask if it has been received.


Notification of Admission October 2019

On the 31th of October you will receive a Notification of Admission. We will not be able to give an update prior to that date.

Please note! If you don't receive a Notification of Admission it means that we cannot offer a place.


Acceptance of offer.

If your appliction is accepted we need your confirmation no later than the 7th of November or the vacancy will be offered to another child.

School start and Information Meeting

We will invite you to an information meeting for new parents in January 2020. The new term for all students starts on the 9th January.


Admission Requirements and Criteria

The criteria for admission are set by the Swedish School Regulation, chapter 9 §14-15. 

If you do not meet these criteria, your application will be rejected with no further notice. 

To meet our requirements and criteria, you need to be able to answer YES to the following questions:

  • You have a short term employment contract or limited employment contract stating your starting date and ending date in Sweden.
  • You have proof of a Swedish address and a contract.

  • You can through documents or school reports prove that your child has sufficient knowledge of the English language to follow and participate in the teaching and learning.

Students are prioritized in the following order and you need to meet at least one of these criteria:

  1. Children of foreign researchers/experts staying in Sweden for a limited period of time
  2. Children who have attended an English-speaking international school and are staying for a limited period of time.


Admission Related Information for the English Section

Rödaberg is a municipal school with a special assignment to provide education in English for children living in Sweden for a limited period of time. The education follows the Swedish curriculum and there is no queue or waiting list.

All subjects are taught in English. We have one class for Grades F1 to 9. To be eligible, the students must have mastered English well enough to follow the lessons and assignments.

Swedish is taught from Grade F1. In Grades 7 to 9, it is taught for the same amount of time as in the Swedish section. We integrate the F-class and Grade 1 in the English section.

You can be one year younger than your peers in your class.

We have no preschool at Rödabergsskolan.

School starts in August and ends in June the following year.