Our requirements are:

  • We cannot register your child until you have a Swedish address.
  • You must attach a digital copy of your employment contract.
  • Diplomats must attach a digital copy of their ID card from the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (UD).

Admission  - current school year 18/19

  • We have a few vacant spots to offer in January, except for grade 5.
  • Applications must be made between November 1st  and November 25nd. You will receive information about your application in early December.
  • Children born in and after 2013 are too young for the present academic year but qualify for entry in August 2019, as do children born 2012.

Admission  - academic school year 19/20

  • Applications can be submitted between January 15th  and February 15th. 
  • Applications for grade 1 will be answered in late March.
  • Applications for grade 2 to 9 will be answered in May.


Admission Related Information for the English Section

Rödaberg is a municipal school with a special assignment to provide education in English for children living in Sweden for a limited period of time. The education follows the Swedish Curriculum.

All subjects are taught in English. We have one class for Grades 1 to 9. There is no preschool group. To be eligible, the students must have mastered English well enough to follow the lessons and assignments.

Swedish is taught from Grade 1. In Grades 7 to 9, it is taught for the same amount of time as in the Swedish section.

Priority Order of Admission:

Children of foreign researchers/experts staying in Sweden for a limited period of time.
Swedish children, who have been living abroad, attended English-speaking schools, and are likely to go abroad again.

Within these groups, we give priority to children living near the school.

Application Processing:

When we know the number of places available, the admission process starts with priority Group 1 - Children of foreign researchers and experts.

Inter-municipal Agreement
Parents living outside the boundaries of Stockholm have to get a signed agreement from their municipality for the transfer of money for the child's schooling in Stockholm. The forms to fill in are available from the office, and the agreement must be made before the student starts here. If a student living in Stockholm moves outside the Stockholm boundaries the parents must immediately inform the school and apply for the Inter-municipal Agreement.

We consider the following factors when initially placing a student in a class: age, previous schooling and language ability - as stated in the application. If records from previous schools are provided, we take them into consideration. After an assessment period of three to four weeks, during which we also look at the child´s maturity and social skills, the final placement is made.

School Fees
Rödaberg is a municipal school which is why there are no fees for tuition, books or school lunches. Parents will, however, be billed for damaged or lost books.