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Admission 2022

The admission for Fall 2021 is now closed. All classes are full, except for grade 5.

If you would like to apply for grade 5, send an email to rodabergsskolan@edu.stockholm.se

The admission for Spring 2022 will be open between November 15th – November 30th. Please use the application form, which will be uploaded on this webpage during this period.

Information film

The video outlines much of the school's policy and answers many of the questions you may have as a new parent.

Watch this video on our YouTube channel ☛

Most of the other videos are a little old now but they do give you an insight into the Rödaberg spirit.


Rödabergsskolan is a municipal school with a special assignment to provide education in English for children living in Sweden for a limited period of time (3 years).

The education follows the Swedish curriculum. There are no fees or queue.

We do not have preschool, preschool class (F-class) or year 1 at Rödabergsskolan in the English section

All subjects are taught in English. We have only one class for years 2 to 9.

Swedish is taught from year 2. Year 7 to 9, it is taught for the same amount of time as in the Swedish section.

You can be one year younger than your peers in your class, except in year 2.

To be eligible, the student's level of English must be good enough to follow lessons and assignments.

School starts around mid- August and ends around mid-June the following year.


Application process Spring 2022

The application form for Spring 2022 will appear here between November 15th- November 30th.


Please read this before you apply:

The criteria for admission are set by the Swedish School Regulation, chapter 9 §14-15. 

If you do not meet these criteria, your application will be rejected with no further notice. 

To meet our requirements and criteria, you need to fulfill and show proof of the following:

  • You have a short-term employment contract or limited employment contract stating your starting date and ending date in Sweden. Employment contract or a letter from your employer stating your starting date and ending date in Sweden is required.
  • You have proof of a Swedish address and a contract. Document required.
  • You can through documents or school reports prove that your child has sufficient knowledge of the English language, in order to follow and participate in the teaching and learning. Document required.
  • Proof of your child’s arrival date in Sweden. You get this from the tax authorities (Skatteverket) when you come to Sweden.
  • Diplomats/employees in foreign positions need to attach a digital copy of their ID-card from the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD).


Students are prioritized in the following order and you need to meet at least one of these criteria:

  1. Children of foreign researchers/experts staying in Sweden for a limited period.
  2. Children who have attended an English-speaking international school and are staying for a limited period.


Date of Birth and grade during the academic year 2021/2022. This may differ from your current country.



Underage DoB for the grade

 (according to the Swedish system)

Accepted DoB for the grade

(according to the Swedish system)