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About Rödaberg

Rödaberg (Red Mountain) School was built in the Fifties and known as Vasa Kommunala Girls School. For many years the school was closed and used instead as offices for Stockholm's School Board. In 1984, however, it was reopened with one Swedish and three English-speaking classes and has since grown to its present size.

The English-speaking Section is taught in English, except for "Swedish as a second language", which is introduced from grade one. The classes follow a modified Swedish curriculum and do not follow the type of curriculum found in an International school.

The English-speaking Section is mainly intended for children visiting Sweden on a temporary basis. This includes, for example, children of visiting researchers and Swedes who have been living abroad and intend to move to another country after a brief stay. See the Admissions page for more details.

After-School Club is an afternoon service provided for students from grade 4-6, open from the end of the school day to 5.30 p.m.